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По умолчанию mytrendingstories.com Новый сток?

Сегодня получил странное письмо.Может кто в курсе,что сие значит?
Hi ,

We have come across your youtube channel ........... and would love to have your content on make up displayed on our website MyTrendingStories.com in order to display your creative work to a large platform. We understand the hardwork and dedication that goes into being a growing youtuber. This is why we place a strong importance on seeing our videographers grow by providing them with several free tools and services that will help them increase their personal following and social media influence in an oversaturated community.

My Trending Stories is a new website who prides itself on one specific value: giving back the power to the writers through freedom of speech and expression. Several blogging websites support a specific political view, ideology or mindset. Over at My Trending Stories no content is restricted as long as it does not contribute to racism, discrimination or anything that violates an individual’s human rights. Through this, we aim to be one of the top 5 biggest blogging websites on the internet!

Some of the tools that we will be providing our writers and videographers include an automated sharing system, which is currently being developed by our programmers, within the systems back office where you will be able to share you videos at scheduled times through a click of a button on several platforms. In addition to this, we have developed a well elaborated optional step program which has as its goal to help each of our writers reach influential status. This step program will be directly within the website if you join as a videographer.

We would love to have your videos displayed within our video section as we believe that you align with our core value, and would love to have your content displayed so that it can reach an even broader audience. As a contributor on MTS, we even encourage that you promote your personal youtube channel on the website. Feel free to even repost videos that was originally on your channel or that you plan to also upload on your channel, the most important thing is that your message and story gets out to the world.

We also have several interesting features as we will soon be expanding in French and Spanish.

We would truly love to have you be a part of this team. If you are interested in this opportunity email us back at:
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а причем здесь сток, предлагают вроде рекламироваться в блогах
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Я слышал об этой новости.
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